This FIT-TR24V Relay base or fire alarm base is specially designed for controlling a door closer or other external devices on 24V with a FITO 230V smoke alarm. You don’t have to work with additional inverters. The base contains a switch to 24V DC that gives a signal to the door closer. So no additional wiring is required, but you can easily and quickly make a hall fireproof with a door closer.

There are three ways in which the smoke detector controls the door closer with this relay:

• If the smoke detector detects smoke
• If the 230V fails and the smoke detector no longer receives power from the grid.
• When the smoke detector is disconnected from the base plate.
These trigger mechanisms make the product Fail-Safe!

The relay can be combined with
• Smoke detectors FIT-230 & FIT-23010, FIT-230RF & FIT-230RFL
• Heat detectors FITH-230 & FITH-23010, FITH-230RF & FITH-230RFL

For specifications see the datasheet.