FIT-230 & FIT-23010

The Fito Profi-line FIT-230 is a 230 volt optical smoke alarm including a 9 volt Carbon Zinc backup battery with a lifetime up to 2 years.

This beautiful design smoke detector is connected to the mains. This smoke alarm is connectable up to 40 smoke detectors of the same series.

Type FIT-23010 is equipped with a lithium backup battery with a minimum life-time up to 10 years. Smoke alarms with a long battery life are made for the future. Respect the environment and take care of sustainability and less waste.

The Fito Profi-line smoke alarms FIT-230 & FIT-23010 can be paired with wire to the Fito Profi-line heat alarms FITH-230 & FITH-23010.

The FIT-230 and/or FIT-23010 is the successor of the GNS-1236 and GNS-1236S. The FIT-230 and/or FIT-23010 can be paired with the GNS-1236(S). In case of replacement, however, the entire smoke alarm, including the supplied base plate, must be replaced.

Keep in mind that the lifespan of a smoke alarm is about ten years. The production and replacement date can be found on the sticker on the back of the smoke alarm.

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For specifications, see the datasheet.