FAQ Smoke alarms

The model of your smoke alarm you can find on the label on the rear side of the smoke alarm:

When should I use smoke detectors?

Place a smoke alarm in all living areas (living rooms and bedrooms) and in the escape routes from your home. (corridor, hall, passage, etc.)

What can I do as an individual to protect my family?

  • Place smoke alarms in all living areas; at least 1 per floor. Test and maintain it properly.
  • For increased security and faster reporting, it is advisable to interconnect the detectors in the house. This is possible both wired and wireless.
  • Provide a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher to extinguish small fires.
  • Consider purchasing an escape ladder to create an escape route from a great height
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector near the boiler, geyser and other combustion devices.
  • Plan TWO escape routes and practice them with all family members so that in the event of a fire, everyone knows what to do.

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