Fire blankets are not suitable for deep-fry fires!

Safety Warning

Fire blankets are not suitable for deep-fry fires.

Further investigation of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) showed that fire blankets are not suitable to extinguish the current type of deep-fry fires. Deep-fry fires can occur when frying donuts, French fries, croquettes, spring rolls, etc. In some cases, a fire blanket to extinguish a deep-fry fire itself may catch fire. In other cases, the deep-fry may, after the quenching, again ignite.

Do not use a blanket for deep-fry fires.

Fire blankets are perfectly usable for small fires and for extinguishing a person affected by fire.

For safely extinguish a deep-fry fire, we recommend the use of an extinguisher. This extinguisher is indicated by the icon:

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For information about our ABF-extinguisher FS2-P, click here.