FAQ Smoke alarm ASD-10Q

I have an ASD-10Q

My smoke alarm beeps:

1 beep every 40 seconds or 1 beep at irregular times:

Battery problem is detected.

If the smoke alarm is older than 10 years, it must be replaced.

If your smoke alarm is not older than 10 years and has not sounded a false alarm for a long time (more than 3 hours), one beep per minute means that a battery problem is detected.

Probably the smoke alarm was not installed within 14 months of the production date or you have not tested the smoke alarm regularly from installation. Although the ASD-10Q is equipped with a chip that activates the battery lightly on a weekly basis, this is unfortunately not sufficient with some batteries. The battery must be activated regularly by testing the smoke alarm. Testing the smoke alarm is also the only way to be sure that the smoke alarm is working properly and can save lives when necessary.

We recommend that you perform the following procedure:

Press the test button of your smoke alarm (the smoke alarm must be activated), a loud pulsing sound will sound to indicate that your smoke alarm is functioning properly, let this sound continue for 15-20 seconds. This sound will stop when you stop pressing the test button.

Repeat this 1 and 2 weeks later to depassivate the already slightly passivated battery.

If you test it regularly from now on, your smoke alarm should no longer sound the battery problem.

3 beeps every 40 seconds:

This means that the smoke chamber of your smoke alarm is contaminated and that the smoke alarm must be maintained.

  • Below the procedure:
  • Remove the smoke alarm from the base plate and vacuum clean it thoroughly.
  • Please note that you should never unscrew the smoke alarm as this will void your warranty.
  • Place the smoke alarm back on the base plate.
  • The smoke alarm will reset and the smoke chamber will adapt to the environment.

If you have an ASD-10Q with production date before 05.17, batch number XXX.05.17 (XXX is number, 05 is the month, 17 is the year), the reset procedure can take up to 5.5 hours. During those 5.5 hours, the smoke alarm will emit three beeps every 40 seconds. It is best to do this reset before you go to work, for example.

After 5.5 hours, the reset will be complete and the smoke alarm will go into standby mode.

The ASD-10Q with production date after May 2017, resets immediately after activation of the battery.

False alarm; loud pulsating alarm sound:

A false alarm, after a period of proper functioning, is mostly caused by dust (particles) in the smoke chamber, or wrong location of the smoke alarm.

Click here for the list of places not suitable for installation of a smoke alarm.

It is very important a smoke alarm is maintained properly from the day of installation. If you do not do this, the smoke chamber will gradually contaminate, and as soon as the contamination reaches a certain level, the smoke alarm will start giving a faulty alarm. This is not covered by the warranty as it is caused by poor maintenance.

If contamination of the smoke chamber is causing the faulty alarm, what you can try is to thoroughly vacuum clean your smoke alarm on all visual openings. To avoid faulty alarm, it is recommended to do this at least once a month. You do not have to remove the smoke alarm from the ceiling, it is enough if you vacuum clean the outside of the smoke alarm using the vacuum cleaner.

If this does not help the last possible solution is the use of compressed air.

Unfortunately, if this also does not help, the smoke chamber contamination is so deep that it is beyond repair and the smoke alarm will have to be replaced.

My ASD-10Q smoke alarm does not sound an alarm when pressing the test button:

Check whether the smoke alarm is correctly attached to the supplied base plate.

Please note: the ASD-10Q smoke alarm is activated by a magnet in the base plate. Smoke alarm ASD-10 (without Q!) has a base plate without a magnet, so the smoke alarm cannot be activated.

Maintenance of your smoke alarm:

Click here for the brief user protocol.

Battery replacement:

This model of smoke alarm has a fixed battery, which cannot be replaced. You need to replace the entire smoke alarm.

Linking the smoke alarm:

This model of smoke alarm cannot be linked.